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Goodbye Couthie

On 16th Sept 2016 Couthie Scottish Gifts moved to its new home with D&C Supplies, a family run business based in Glasgow providing quality Scottish gifts and homewares to independent retailers around Scotland, the UK and beyond.

The Couthie brand and Scottish Gifts operations are wholly owned and now managed by D&C Supplies.

There are some transitional arrangements in place.

From a practical point of view all wholesale orders placed before midnight of the 12th of September will be invoiced and satisfied by Hearts Desire Scotland Ltd.

If you placed orders prior to the 16th September, remember that you will need to pay Hearts Desire Scotland Ltd.

Queries to our new email address: heartsdesirescotland @ gmail .com or contact 07796 492 862 during normal office hours.

To place new orders please contact D&C Supplies by telephone: 01417725949 or email

After 8 years at the helm Ruth Alder (Managing and Creative Director of Hearts Desire Scotland Ltd) said: “It’s been a great journey and I am privileged to have worked with so many talented artists and designers to bring a unique blend of original design and humour. It’s now time to devote myself to new creative adventures and collaborations.”

Craig Rafferty said: “D&C Supplies has expertise in many commercial areas such as manufacturing, logistics, marketing and product development and we are excited to use our skills in these areas to further grow this excellent brand. I am excited that the brand will benefit from the legacy of Ruth’s energy, passion and creativity as we build on Couthie’s sound reputation.”

Fond farewells and all the best going forward