Ruth Alder Bio

Couthie is a creation of Ruth Alder.

Ruth moved to Scotland some 20 years ago. Bringing up her children in North Berwick she has always drawn inspiration for her creations from nature, history, ephemera and language.

Ruth was fascinated by the richness of the Doric dialect of her old Aberdonian friend and artist and early collaborator, who laughed about her bahookie and the guddle in her life.

When Ruth happened upon a range of Victorian staged photographic postcards she knew she had hit a rich seam. She couldn’t help matching some of the humorous Scottish turns of phrase she’d learnt, while adding a fresh and contemporary twist – pointed and light-hearted reflections on modern culture and other mundane preoccupations. Many friends took part in the creative sessions, to whom much credit goes.

More than 60 cards later and dozens of different gift collections (Dinnae Fash to Aboot Time and more recently Scotland Mapped Out and London Mapped Out), Ruth’s interest in and love for the Scottish vernacular has not dimmed. From stationery to homewares, Couthie’s Scottish Gifts are available in hundreds of shops throughout Scotland and beyond and has become synonymous with everything couthie.

Founder, Managing and Creative Director of Couthie Gifts, Ruth has an uncanny knack for recognising trends, designing and commissioning well-loved and timeless Scottish Gifts for all the family as well as around the home.

Couthie loves to engage young and upcoming designers (we’ve lost count of the graduates that have worked with us) and is trying to get all its products made locally, either in Scotland or in Britain.

If you have an idea that you want to take to market, give us a call.

Blythe Duff (Taggart) drops in on the Couthie Stand